Do You Want to Gain Clarity in Order to Take Action
to Improve Team and Group Performance?

We provide three solutions that provide a more comprehensive approach to improve team performance. Each of these three packages include a full diagnosis using our integrative methodology to predict the performance of teams and build a ‘Team Effectiveness Framework.’ Whichever solution is best for your situation, your team will gain clarity of purpose and actions will be identified to improve team performance.

The three options are:

  1. Improve team performance
  2. Analysing individual performance
  3. Improve Organisational Performance

CGA-3 Team/Group Performance – Full Diagnosis & 2 Half-day Workshops

  • A comprehensive measurement of factors and demands affecting the team’s performance.
  • Two half-day workshops to create clarity and build confidence.
  • Identification of actions needed to enhance team and group performance.


A detailed report:
  • Identifying team and individual strengths, challenges and gaps, and showing the impact on performance specific to the team/group’s context.
  • Showing the current level of team development.
  • Identifying the factors limiting high performance related to market/task forces.
Two half-day workshops:
  • For the team’s understanding of the diagnostics and how they affect performance.
  • To create a practical action plan to close the gaps and improve performance.


  • Acceleration of team/group building.
  • Increased confidence in knowing the specific actions for improved performance.
  • Increased awareness of work within a high performing team.
  • Understanding of team’s strengths, challenges, and gaps.
  • Supportive delivery style which empowers team members.
  • Greater number of high performers.
  • Identification and retention of talent, raising competitiveness and profit.
  • Excellent ROI.
  • Designed to work with virtual teams.


  • Working with underperforming teams and groups.
  • Building on existing performance.
  • Merging organisations.
  • Needing more efficiency from existing resources with tight budgets.
  • Driving innovation to open up new opportunities.

CGA-4 Individual Performance – Diagnosis & Half-day Workshop

  • A full measurement of the factors and demands affecting an individual’s performance. An objective and unbiased look at capability.
  • A half-day workshop to create an understanding by the individual of their strengths, challenges and potential, and to build confidence within the role.
  • Identification of decisions and actions needed for the most effective performance.


A full report on:
  • The individual’s strengths and areas of challenge, and the impact on job and career performance.
  • Gap analysis of the individual’s current stage and the high performance required for the current role and market.
  • A half-day workshop to identify the key factors in improving individual performance, and how well the individual is suited to particular roles and tasks.
  • A list of follow-up actions by individual and manager for improved individual performance.


  • Improvements for individuals and their managers.
  • An unbiased perspective with reliable and valid information for the decision-making process.
  • An objective, fair and effective method, complying with equal opportunities legislation.
  • Understanding of how the individual works with others. Improved fit for roles.
  • Identification of the management style required for the individual’s optimum performance.
  • Accelerated process for joining a team and reaching high performance.
  • Excellent ROI.
  • Designed to work with virtual workers.
  • Assists monitoring and maintenance of standards.


  • Assessing an individual’s strength or recruiting a new team member.
  • Developing leadership or team collaboration capability.
  • Working with recent mergers or organisational change.
  • Making changes and developments in career path.

    CGA-5 Organisational Performance – Full Diagnosis &  2 Half-day Workshops

    • A comprehensive measurement of the factors and demands affecting the organisation’s or division’s performance.
    • Two half-day workshops to create clarity at the strategic level and to build confidence for effective use of the capabilities of your people.
    • Identification of decisions and actions needed to adapt to the changes in the marketplace.


    • A report highlighting the key issues affecting your organisation.
    • An overview of your people’s capability in relation to the key challenges to the organisation.
    • Recommendations for key interventions and actions for immediate improved performance and for investment in people capability for the future.
    • A half-day workshop exploring the diagnostic findings and their impact on performance.
    • A half-day workshop to develop a practical action plan.


    • Gap analysis of key factors in people capability, operating models and business strategy.
    • Gap analysis of key factors in talent and engagement.
    • Improved collaboration processes for greater performance.
    • Common framework and language for capability planning across the organisation.
    • External perspective and independent data to support and validate strategic decisions.


    • Action and stability after merger at organisational, divisional or departmental level.
    • Assessment of business strategies and operational models.
    • Innovation development to generate new products and services