Do You Want to Increase the capability of Your Team or Group?

These two programmes offer more in-depth and flexible solutions for businesses seeking to build team capability over a longer time period. There is a focus on building team capability and effective collaboration which has been particularly useful for integrating new teams, individuals or ideas into an organisation.

The two programmes are:

  1. Collab-Lab Team Performance Coaching
  2. Collab-Lab Fast Track Programme

CGA-6 Collab-Lab Team Performance Coaching

  • A focus on building capability at the team level.
  • Coaching can be used in several different ways.
  • Equips teams to work efficiently and effectively, and to collaborate for the best results.


A staged building of capability through:
  • Team Building activities (indoors or outdoors /on-site/off-site) to build relationships.
  • Team Development – guidance or teaching on models and theories for effective teams.
  • Team Task coaching on the teams actual and specific tasks for improved production.
  • Team Performance coaching on psychological dynamics, internal relationships, external interaction and collaboration.


  • Improved team effectiveness whether working together or dispersed.
  • Evolution and development of the team for shared innovation and adaptation.
  • Knowledge development within the team increasing ownership, engagement, and continuity.
  • Team ‘rhythm’ with team members invested in each other’s development.
  • A shared sense of purpose and common goals within the team.
  • New skills, and attitudes. Diversity and differences become advantages and opportunities.
  • Easier conflict resolution.
  • Cost effective group training, where complementary individual coaching may be too expensive for an organisation’s budget.


  • An external assessment and resetting of teams and groups.
  • Ad-hoc coaching to resolve minor challenges for the leader.
  • Continuing support to promote new thinking and advantageous behaviours.
  • New leaders, board or management teams.
  • Post-diagnostic or fast-track programme support

CGA-7 Collab-Lab Fast Track Programme & Optional Additional Modules To Build Performance

  • A focus on building capability.
  • Introduction of ‘Collab-lab methodology and tool-kit, applying it to your specific context.
  • Enables people to work with others efficiently and effectively for the best possible results.


  • The methodology, structure, skills, and knowledge for effective and efficient collaboration.
  • Team Leadership coaching to grow leaders and their teams in line with the business aims.
  • One half-day workshop per month over 6 months or 3 Days Intensive held over 3 weeks.
  • The option to buy top-up modules to streamline the team performance.


  • Improved team capability and skills for greater performance with less reliance on the leader.
  • Employees equipped to operate in and set up an appropriate collaboration structure.
  • Knowledge of working, collaboration and leadership in teams of diverse ages and backgrounds.
  • Understanding of how to set-up and work in flexible short-term teams.
  • Structure, templates, and plans to enable team working.
  • Tools for optimising team performance.
  • Flexible delivery process to suit the working day.


  • Better collaboration with customers to innovate solutions and for tender requirements.
  • Greater engagement and innovation.
  • Newly formed teams, and action and stability after merger or restructuring.
  • Leaders and managers new in-post.
  • Improving skills for boards, director, and advisors.
  • Collaborators that need to form flexible teams for short projects.