This was a key question that attendees were asking themselves after attending our second seminar held in July 2017, at the Anthologist, in the City of London. Run informally, this presentation and discussion group was aimed at the Leaders and Managers in the Financial, Technology and Professional Services Industries to discuss some of the key dysfunctions of a team or a group and typical approaches to improving performance.

The basis of the seminar was research that was undertaken over the previous 5 years at XL Catlin, a Global Insurance Organisation and combined with 16 years of working with individuals, teams, and groups in organisations wanting to improve performance in a wide variety of technical, professional, and financial industries.

To paraphrase Tolstoy, “All happy teams are alike. Each unhappy team is unhappy in its own way”. Evidence shows how team and group capability needs to be equal to or exceed the demands of the marketplace if high performance is to occur. However, diagnosing these problems is not easy to ensure due to the complexity of the factors impacting each team or group. During the talk, we discussed how using the Collab-Lab, a proven model of high performance, can help assess the different teams and group performance.

We went on to explore the issues connected with poor decision making. The attendees were provided with a highly effective collaborative tool to enhance their skills in decision making during the collaborative process.

Overall, attendees gave good feedback stating:

“This talk makes you ask ‘am I getting the best results from the team?’” – Programme Manager, Global Financial Services Consultancy

“I like the idea of diagnostics & what they can help towards identifying potential issues.” – Operations Manager, Global Insurance Organisation

“The decision-making tool is great both for me and the teams I work with.” – CEO, Telecommunications Consultancy

“This was an opportunity to hear another approach to how teams work together and then go away and apply the change to current ways of thinking.” – Team Leader, Software Development Organisation

If you are interested in exploring whether the Collab-Lab Diagnostic Tool could help your team or group to improve their performance so as to assist you to gain more profitability, please contact us to arrange an initial meeting.  These meetings are free of charge and will help you determine what action to take, in order to become even more successful.