As sales people we can find ourselves becoming focused on the detail of what we do or what we offer our prospects or clients.  However, when we are in the buying seat actually we start to think about what the product or service will do for us.    These details are often connected to the function of the product or service and answer the questions around “how does it work”. These are known as features.

What these features do for the client or prospect are known as advantages and benefits are what the client gains from using your product or service. As a sales person our job is to primarily focus on what the product or service will do for our prospect or client rather than get lost in the detail of how it will do it.

  • FEATURE: A positive fact that sets your product/service apart from others’.
  • ADVANTAGE: A specific example that supports your fact.
  • BENEFIT: What your fact or example gains the prospect.

The PDF download below helps you work through some examples and will give you some ideas for developing FAB for your own products.

Download the  Features Advantages & Benefits PDF.