CGA Management is committed to enabling and strengthening individual, team and group performance within organisations who aspire to be high performing innovators.

 We help visionaries, Innovators and Rebels in Business to Business service focused Industries to build their people capability so that they can thrive in today’s complex, fast-moving marketplace.


To work with leaders to create thriving, well-adjusted, fair organisations that benefit their clients, workers, suppliers and their communities. 


To provide empowering partnership to technical and professional organisations to help them gain clarity and confidence, enable them to overcome obstacles and leverage their human capital via enhanced collaboration for more significant innovation, productivity and profitability.

 We do this by providing measurable, structured, evidence-based solutions to help our clients drive and deliver their strategic and performance objectives by steering internal transformation towards high performing teams, groups, networks and communities.

‘Taking part in the diagnostics was made very easy and took place with myself and other management in order to shape the questionnaires to fit different geographical regions. 

The executive reporting and feedback we received was professional and useful, providing insights we are now actively following up on.  This project was made understandable and our questions were handled  with professionalism and care’.

Paul Shedden

Chief Actuary

This is about getting the right people in the right teams for the right results for the business. What’s not to like, everyone is a winner.
Melissa Hooper

Interim Head of Operations,, Leading Software and Support Services Provider


Established by Christina Griffiths in 2001, CGA Management brings a scientific foundation to the world of human performance. It specialises in working with revenue generating, high-performance teams to deliver results.

With over 18 years of experience in working across industries like Insurance, Technology, Consulting and more, and countless successes, CGA Management has a clarity of purpose and a deeply entrenched belief in its ability to deliver success.

Our Philosophy

  •  Our solutions are designed to empower you so that you snd your people feel even more equipped to  deliver greater value to your clients. 
  • We create new approaches and apply them to  current organisational contexts to create new dimensions of performance and improve how things are done. 
  • We use a science and evidence-based approach so that our ideas are scalable beyond one individual or team to provide you with frameworks, a common language and standard methods.
  • We understand what it means to be human and believe that working on a human-to-human basis will not only enhance our success to you but your success to your clients.
  • We believe life is too short not to enjoy the working day and so aim to make our working partership as easy and enjoyable as possible.