Do you find networking frustrating and a waste of time?

You are not alone. Many people waste a lot of time going to networking events, and meet lots of interesting people who they never talk to again. Most people think networking is difficult, challenging thankless work that is focused on asking people to part with money!

It doesn’t have to be that way – networking is not just about sales or meeting people. Networking is about building connections with the right people, leaving a professional trustworthy impression whilst understanding the mutually beneficial opportunities for both parties.

Quality vs quantity in challenging markets

We have all attended networking events and met the frenetic person dashing around the room collecting business cards. You may even have tried that approach yourself.  The question is: out of the 100’s of business cards collected how many were quality contacts?

Doing More with Networking provides a structured approach to networking that gets you focused on what you want to achieve. Through simple steps we show you how to identify your objectives, structure your conversation and establish trustworthy relationships with the people you meet.

Key Outcomes

Areas Covered

  • Create immediate positive impact
  • Establish trustworthy relationships quickly
  • Refine your 60 second pitch
  • Build confidence in networking situations
  • Understand the 4 key networking styles
  • Develop strategic networking opportunities
  • Recognising different personality types
  • Understanding communication styles
  • The networking conversation funnel
  • Business vs. Social networking
  • Identifying your networking objectives
  • Professional follow-ups