We had new business cards printed a few weeks ago based on our values.  Being known for thinking outside the box our CEO, Christina, turned them into a mini-personality profile tool.  It is a bit of fun more than anything else but if you meet us in person ask us to give you the full on version of this personality profile!

Our values are very simple:



We have been using these cards at networking and business events over the last few weeks and we are already seeing some interesting trends appear.  So we wanted to expand our horizons and offer everyone the chance to meet our values online. So we have added an online version of our business cards to this website:

Meet our values – a bit of fun

If you would like to take part in some informal research please click on the link at the end of the values page once you have made your choices and let us know your job title.  In return we will send you more information on the theory behind the cards and share the informal findings once we have gathered enough information to generate a meaningful report!