We help visionaries, innovators and rebels in the B2B services sector build better workforce capability and performance to meet the demands of their clients now and in the future.

Are you a forward thinking leader who has the drive to keep their business ahead of the game and understand the value of your people in creating success? We provide a unique, combination of scientifically based techniques, metrics and knowledge alongside a wealth of experience, a comprehensive awareness of business needs and an in-depth understanding of the human elements that are critical in achieving your goals.

We know that your business is unique, so our scaleable solutions can be tailored to your specific situation. Human capital is at the core of every business and we can work with you to make the most of the skills and capabilities at your disposal to ensure your business is the best it can be.

Before working with us, clients struggled to:

  • Improve efficiency and reduce their cost base
  • Have their pool of individuals take a common approach to the team set up.
  • Deliver more value to their clients: better, quicker, more responsive service, innovative products, collaborative relationships.
  • Build high performing teams and a culture that supports high performance
  • Identify, recruit, attract and retain talent

Our range of solutions can help you to:

  • Get the performance you dreamed of: performance and productivity such as higher profit per capita
  • Experience improved team/group capability and understand how to build it to meet the demands of your marketplace.
  • Exceed client expectations now and in the future
  • Leverage the best from all types of working associations: collaborations, team/group work, networks, communities

If you are a leader who’s ready to improve the capability and performance of your people contact us on: 0203 355 4006 or email:

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Our signature system is designed to maximise performance at the level you need:

  • Each element is scalable and measurable, giving a clearer understanding of what success is and helping you make better predictions on future performance.
  • Our science-based framework utilises metrics, method and a common language that can be used throughout your organisation.
  • Our bespoke programmes help to minimise your down time and integrate into real-time working life.
  • We take a holistic approach that considers complexities and demands for each job role, industry, marketplace and is personalised to your working environment.
  • Everything we do is designed to motivate and engage your workforce, build greater diversity and inclusiveness

‘I was taken through an intensive  diagnostic exercise about which I was initially extremely skeptical. I have to put my hands up and admit that I was surprised by the statistical thoroughness of the tests and the results report.

Even more importantly, The review with me of the results, including intensive discussions of anomalies and conclusions, demonstrated the complete mastery of the subject and the breadth and depth of experience in careers-related and workplace psychology. I will be working with CGA again, and recommend that others do as well!’

Richard Blakesley

Partner, Capital Pilot

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INSURANCE CASE STUDY: The Power of Team Performance

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INSURANCE CASE STUDY: The Power of Individual Performance

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