CGA Management is the collaboration specialists.  We work to develop team effectiveness with organisations who are innovative, performance driven and who have a noble cause.

Our analysis, guidance and coaching model of collaboration has been developed in a scientific framework that recognises how psychometric measures impact on team performance.  It provides a sophisticated and integrative methodology to predict the performance of teams and build a ‘Team Effectiveness Framework.’


  • Individuals to collaborate with others
  • Team and group high performance
  • Organisational collaboration


  • Assess people and team capability against changing market and industry demands.
  • Reset underperforming teams or groups.
  • Adjust high performing teams or groups to get that extra edge.
  • Accelerate team or group collaboration.
  • Raise individual awareness of the key requirements for improved productivity.
  • Combine teams after merger, acquisition or restructuring activity.
  • Build flexible action teams.
  • Increase profitable innovation with cultural and behavioural change.
  • Enhance delivery, sales, management, leadership, and governance.
  • Increase buy-in and engagement by stakeholders, individuals, and teams.


Established by Christina Griffiths in 2001, CGA Management brings a scientific foundation to the world of human performance. It specialises in working with revenue generating, high-performance teams to deliver results.

Christina is a globally oriented and innovative NED and consultant psychologist, with extensive experience in the insurance, technology, and consultancy sectors.  She has a track record in improving the performance and productivity of revenue-critical professionals.  By combining her scientific expertise and commercial acumen with emotional sensitivity and natural curiosity, she is able to improve the capability of organisations, teams and individuals.  As a result of collaborating with her clients, they report that they find the insight and courage to make the changes required to improve performance and raise their game


  • We provide focused and practical solutions for enhanced business performance.
  • We use a successful proven approach with scientific rigour.
  • Our integrative model of team and group collaboration allows for the increased demands of today’s marketplaces. Our model is flexible for customising to the specific requirements of your team or group, organisation, and industry.
  • We combine an external and objective assessment with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by your people and teams.
  • Alert to time as a critical resource, we work quickly and flexibly to deliver effective solutions which offer the maximum return on time and financial investment. Our experience enables us to work with tight deadlines and specific needs of demanding revenue-focused teams and groups.



I was taken through an intensive psychometric profiling exercise about which I was initially extremely skeptical. I have to put my hands up and admit that I was surprised by the statistical thoroughness of the tests and the results report.

Even more importantly, The review with me of the results, including intensive discussions of anomalies and conclusions, demonstrated the complete mastery of the subject and the breadth and depth of experience in careers-related and workplace psychology. I will be working with Christina again, and recommend that others do as well!

Richard Blakesley

Partner, Capital Pilot

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INSURANCE CASE STUDY: The Power of Team Performance

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INSURANCE CASE STUDY: The Power of Individual Performance

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